New partnership with Loukil Group in Tunisia!

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A lot is happening at Helio East Group and we are very happy to announce that we started a partnership with Loukil Group in Tunisia. An approval was given by Tunisian government to distribute our solar products in the country.

Loukil Group has a strong experience of distribution and retail and thus is the ideal partner to explore the great potential of solar in Tunisia.

Small overview of Loukil Group

Founded in 1976 by Mr. Mohamed LOUKIL, today assisted by his sons, LOUKIL Holding has steadily grown to cover a variety of strategic sectors, ranging from agriculture to heavy industry, information and communication technologies, the environment, international trade, engineering, consulting and more.

Through a network of thirty companies, the Holding currently relies on about 4000 employees. The range of its business scope has gone well beyond Tunisian borders to include Europe, Morocco, Libya, Ivory Coast, Togo, etc…

Feel free to check out their website for more information => www.loukil.com.tn