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Logistics is its own specialized, complex field that entails different requirements and regulations for nearly every country and market around the world. Fortunately, another of Helio East’s formidable strengths is found in our long experience with, and consummate knowledge of this ever-evolving field. Well- versed in the

individual codes and customs requirements of all nations, Helio East is able to maximize logistical efficiency while minimizing cost. What this means to our clients is that not only do they not have to worry about safe and timely delivery but that they can also enjoy the savings resulting from our expert touch.

Peace of mind

Helio East offers a worry-free logistics experience, handling all aspects of documentation, customs clearance and delivery according to the customs policies for each nation. We also handle all packing and tracking to eliminate waste and guarantee timely delivery. Helio East proudly navigates the seven seas, offering trouble-free transport at a reasonable price.

Making Space

With our own warehouses and consolidation services, Helio East offers warehousing and consolidation at low fees, eliminating transport inefficiencies and inflated costs while ensuring that our clients’ orders arrive in a safe and timely fashion. The savings produced by our comprehensive services return to our clients, creating healthy partnerships that last.


Whatever your logistic needs, Helio East tailors its services to offer you maximum convenience. This means that in addition to navigating customs procedures and requirements, we can arrange delivery to any location you specify, saving you trouble and time so that you can focus on what matters most. Just tell Helio East what you want and we’ll handle the rest.