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HelioEast Group acting as consultants for various projects such as construction, infrastructure, housing including large State projects. Our role is to identify the projects along with the appropriate construction model (EPC, BOT, PPP, BID). Subsequently we target the appropriate construction companies depending on

the financial requirements. For several years, HEG has specialized in large state project and especially in Infrastructure: Road axis Sea port and Airport, Bridge, Tunnel, railway but also other national project Eco Villages Productive.

Our process is to identify the major projects required and assist government (Especially MOT and MOE) to choose the dedicate construction companies (Most essentially 100% state owned companies partners in Asia), and assist governments

to obtain loan or financing required for the projects. Since 2010, negotiated and sealed about 20 Billions USD contracts between Government (Africa, Maghreb and Middle East) and Asian partner with 85% to 95% financing.