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Helio East cares about your comfort and your efficiency more than anyone else providing you with plenty of architectural services. May it include at your request, the design of your next urban planning as a mayor, the spoon used in your new lounge VIP hotel, as well as the suitable social factory you are dreaming about. We design for you the best, wherever, whatever the schedule.

Project Programming

  • Definition of the scope of the project according to customer needs and objectives.
  • Impact studies, urban planning and project prospect.

Design & Conception

  • Creating sketch, shaping of the preliminary draft.
  • Making plans and facades project summary.

3D Infographic

  • Production of photo-realistic 3D views.
  • Inserting the project site.


  • Production of professional presentation to accompany the business plan.
  • Prepare and assist the client in technical meetings with bank and administration.

Design Review

  • Structure (foundations, superstructure and cover).
  • Technique (Air conditioning, electricity, IT and plumbing).
  • Architecture (interior and exterior design , choice of materials ).
  • Standardization ( fire safety, health , accessibility for disabled and construction).

Economic Studies

  • Understand and analyze the local market.
  • View and select the best potential partners.
  • Negotiate and provide appropriate quotes to the proposed budget.

Assistance to Project Owner

  • Select and identify suitable suppliers around the world.
  • Preparation and conclude the implementation of the project folder.
  • Coordinate the site and monitoring its proper conduct on behalf of the client.
  • Receive goods produced and the nal structure built with the customer.