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Founded in 2005 upon a decade-long foundation of trade with Central African nations Cameroon and Gabon, Helio East’s rich experience in some of the world’s most challenging business environments means we can offer the adaptability and exibility your business needs.

Beyond orders and production, Helio East employs engineering, design and project consultants to help clients adapt their products to changing demand and maximise the benefits of trade.

Having managed the trade of goods meant for everyone from presidents and kings to the common people, we’re confident we’re equal to any challenge our clients can pose.

Helio East Group is also acting as consultants for various projects such as construction, infrastructure, housing including large State projects.






Tons Air Freigth

With decades of international trade experience and a broad network of partners and relations, ranging from developing nations in Africa and Asia to the developed-worlds of Western Europe and Australia, Helio East has the adaptability and exibility to meet all your sourcing, trading and logistic needs.


Sourcing these days often means “China” and Helio East has an experienced team on-the-ground always ready to efficiently handle all your sourcing needs. We offer clients a complete range of services that include building relations with vendors and factories, quality control and engineering and design consultation to better adapt products to changing market needs.


Helio East is a one-stop trading shop that can help you fulfill all your trading needs no matter how harsh, or forgiving the environment. Our experienced project managers monitor the entire purchase process with careful attention to detail, ensuring that both parties adhere to all terms of agreement and that the final results leave both parties wanting to work together again.


Logistics is a complex, rapidly changing field but Helio East knows the ropes and navigates this field with an ease and grace that ensures safe, reliable and timely delivery of goods to wherever our clients need them. Our rich experience in this field and intimate knowledge of global conditions enables us to generate savings and pass them on to our clients.


To help save you energy and illuminate new and sustainable sources of power that match your needs, Helio East focuses on photovoltaic conversion. Photovoltaic systems are currently being employed around the world, from urban skyscrapers to rural villages. At Helio East, we know how to make photovoltaic conversion work no matter what your circumstances.

Architecture & Design

Helio East cares about your comfort and your efficiency more than anyone else providing you with plenty of architectural services. May it include at your request, the design of your next urban planning as a mayor, the spoon used in your new lounge VIP hotel, as well as the suitable social factory you are dreaming about. We design for you the best, wherever, whatever the schedule.

Consulting & Project Management

We are acting as consultants for various projects such as construction, infrastructure, housing including large State projects. Our role is to identify the projects along with the appropriate construction model (EPC, BOT, PPP, BID). Subsequently we target the appropriate construction companies depending on the financial requirements.

International Legal Advising

What a paradox ! Since the principle of globalization is law in the business world, never contract procedures and international negotiation have been so complicated. The laws of each country in terms of law business today are so diverse. It is now essential to have the appropriate legal partners to follow the laws of each country and international Business Law.

Global Integrated Solution

Our role is to integrate perfectly all constraints related to the environment, the availability of energy and to specific local constraints. The location of our operational base in China enables us to easily combine different techiques and technology to perfectly solve the following equation: Performance, Adaptability and Sustainability.

With our team of international trade experts covering sourcing and quality control, financial transactions, budget, project management and logistics, Helio East is able to competently and efficiently handle all your trading needs. This means we’re also able to avoid unnecessary middle-men, streamlining operations and ensuring efficient communication that delivers results.